Phone Browsing History

tracking internet activityEvery time any of us use the Internet on a computer, tablet or mobile, the browser saves a copy of every page visited and this can be used for tracking Internet activity.

Our Internet monitoring software for mobiles saves a copy of web sites visited and the time spent at each site (mobile search history) in an archive you can review from your secure online portal.

Who monitors mobile browsing history?

Concerned parents often employ this solution to track kids browsing history because they know that their children have the ability to erase the browser history.


browsing history mobileThis is also widely used by employers to track phone browsing history to be sure that employees are not visiting unsuitable web sites or visiting time wasting websites while at work too much. A complete phone browsing history is uploaded and made available for your review.

Review the mobile browser history to discover if students or employees are spending too much time using the Internet in an unproductive manner and correct it. You will be amazed what you can learn about the people in your family or business from their cell phone browser history. People search the Internet for everything on their minds these days and the browser history on phone is valuable information.