Teens Sleeping With Their Cell Phone – Cell Phones And Sleep

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Many teens sleep with their cell phone on and within reach. As a parent, you may sleep with your cell phone on and within reach yourself and see nothing wrong with this.

A closer look at the reasons that 80% of teens sleep with their cell phone, is cause for concern though. This ‘always available’ stance can reflect compulsion, anxious need, and even addiction. It endangers their personal health and sleep deprivation will cause all kinds of challenges that wouldn’t exist if they would shut down and get a solid night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation is linked to memory deficits and under performance. The loss of deep sleep results in increased irritability, anxiety and even depression, as well as reduced concentration. These are all rather serious and negative side effects.teenage cell phones

It seems insane to want to stay on constant call for ones peer network 24/7/365 and yet this is the norm today for teenagers. Don’t let this happen to your family, make it your business to set some guidelines where technology is concerned and monitor teens. We take this a step farther and suggest that you monitor teenage cell phones and let your teen know this.

Most teens say that they feel pressure to promptly/immediately respond to messages friends send them and even suggest that their friends will be angry with them if they take too long to respond. Although, teen cell phone use is dependant on parental influence and guidelines.

As a parent, what are your family guidelines for the use of cell phones and other messaging technologies? Do you even have one?

The average teen exchanges over 3,000 text messages monthly and that is 36,000 annually. It makes you wonder how they have time for any other activities really.

Now that you know that teens sleep with their cell phone, what are you going to do about cell phones and sleep?